Why choose us?


  • I've gone here for years and I'll tell you why...The owner is a very ethical and honest man. The employees are very knowledgeable and helpful. They do their best to make the experience as pleasant as it can be. I wouldn't go anywhere else. You can trust that the work will be done correctly and you'll pay a fair price. I highly recommend Denver Auto Body.
    -Joseph Haywood
  • Great communication, fast repairs, and employees that understand the importance of getting your car back "good as new" is what has kept me going to Denver Auto Body & Paint time and time again.

    I first stopped in on a whim when my mechanic closed his doors in 2010 and was treated wonderfully for what was simple customizations for my '08 BMW 335xi. Their prices for out of pocket repairs were very reasonable but the quality of work and attention to details was beyond my expectations.

    I would highly recommend Denver Auto Body & Paint to take care of any unfortunate events leaving your car in need of love as well as out pocket jobs like paint jobs and suspension overhauls.
    -Leonardo De La Rocha
  • I just got my bumper repaired- called in Monday and it was ready by Thursday (I was told that they stagger big jobs and minor jobs so I didn't have to wait to be fit into the schedule!). It turned out great, looks new! The service was excellent- friendly and straight-forward. I definitely recommend Denver Auto Body and Paint.

1 Guaranteed satisfaction

We offer a no haggle, written lifetime on EVERY repair we complete at the shop, for the duration you own your vehicle. If you ever find our repairs to be non satisfactory, give us a call or drop by and we will work on any repair issue to your satisfaction.

2 Cutting-edge equipment

Each and every year Denver Auto Body & Paint performs an analysis of the best equipment on the market. Using our Thirty-Two years of extensive vehicle repair knowledge, we update our equipment with the latest industry standard machines and tools. Everything from the best laser guided frame adjustment machines, to the finest finishing wax, we believe purchasing the best equipment for our technicians leads to the best repairs for our customers.

3 Privately Owned

We have been privately owned and family operated for over Thirty-Two years. Our standards are set in-house, not by a bureaucratic bottom line parent company, which allows us to go the extra mile on your repair.

4 Our exhaustive process

Locate Damage
The first stage of repair is locating the initial impact, and assessing the damaged area. This includes determining which components need to be replaced, and which can be repaired. This process is either done by a body shop estimator, or insurance field damage appraiser. After this stage has been completed, an initial estimate, sometimes referred to as a “preliminary estimate” is completed.
Tear Down
This is the the second stage of repair. “Tear down” is the term which is used when the vehicle is brought into the body shop by a technician, and all damaged parts are removed.
Locate Hidden Damage
After the vehicle tear down is complete, the body shop estimator is able to get a full scope of the damage, including damage that was previously hidden and unable to be documented on the preliminary estimate.
Insurance Supplement
Once the body shop has located all of the accident related damage, a “supplement” is filed with the insurance company requesting additional repair time, paint time, or additional parts. This process has some variance from company to company, however a supplement is usually reviewed within 48 hours.
Order/Repair Parts
After the supplement has been approved, all parts needed for the repair are ordered.
Body Repairs
We begin all repairs immediately where parts are not needed. As the parts come in that are needed, they are replaced or sent to our paint department for paint preparation.
Quality Inspection #1
After all body repairs are completed, a quality inspection is performed by our production manager to ensure the manufacturer standards for collision repair were met.
Paint Preparation (Paint Prep)
At this stage the vehicle is taken to our paint department. All surfaces that were repaired are sanded to proper smoothness then sprayed with primer. Parts that were replaced sometimes require primer as well. After primer is complete, the areas are sanded again and checked for a smooth surface. The final step before masking, is referred to as “wet sanding”. This is when the technician uses a very fine sandpaper soaked in water to give the the perfect finish prior to paint. The final step in the paint preparation is called “masking”. This is when all areas where paint should not be applied are masked off to be kept clean.
Quality Inspection #2
After paint preparation all surfaces are checked again by our production manager for a perfect surface prior to a base paint coat.
One of the most crucial aspects of the repair process is color match. We have state of the art equipment to make this process fast, and ensure an accurate paint color match. After we have achieved the correct variance for color, the vehicle is moved to the heated paint booth. When paint is applied in the booth it prevents cross contamination from particles in the air, and gives the perfect temperature to promote adhesion.
Quality Inspection #3
Once all coats of paint have been applied, the surface is checked for imperfections in the paint.
During this stage all components are put back on the vehicle, and proper body panel fitment is achieved.
Driveability Test & Safety Inspection
This is most important check in the repair process. The vehicle is test driven and all safety components are checked to ensure proper functionality.
Wash and Polish
After the safety inspection has been completed, the vehicle is sent to our detail shop for a thorough scrubbing, and interior cleaning. After we’re done with that the repaired panels are polished to perfection.
Final Inspection
After the vehicle interior and exterior is cleaned, a final inspection is completed. We inspect the vehicle from to top to bottom like it is one of our own. When you pick up your vehicle it will have been returned to pre accident condition and ready for your enjoyment.